Emerging Technology in Automation: Machine Learning

Emerging Technology in Automation

Time-consuming administrative tasks can take an employee’s focus away from more important duties. Luckily, those are becoming a thing of the past thanks to emerging trends in automation technology. Technological advances happen every day, leading to significant growth for all industries. Whether the CEO of a large company or an employee at a smaller startup, innovative technologies can help anyone stay focused on meeting customer needs and driving as much revenue as possible.

What Exactly Is Automation?

Automation refers to a wide range of technologies created to mimic human involvement. Businesses can use this technology to control or operate a particular process, system, or device the same way humans do. While previously perceived as a threat to human capital, automation technology is earning a more favorable reputation among skeptical manufacturers. Businesses are beginning to embrace these virtual services to reduce costs and enhance the consumer’s experience through digital processes.

Examples of Emerging Technology in Automation

Technologies such as machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), or the Internet of Things (IoT) are leveraged by companies to remain competitive and deliver more personalized experiences to customers. Businesses in all industries, like healthcare, technology, financial services, construction, and aerospace, use automation technology to assist them. Here’s a closer look:

Industrial Internet of Things

The Industrial Internet of Things refers to the interconnection of equipment or devices in all industries. This can be seen in advancements made to sensors and interconnected devices. This technology enables objects to communicate with users over great distances. These devices can also operate on GPS and internet connectivity and are essential to the agricultural business.


Blockchain is useful for giving users more control. While blockchain is commonly associated with cryptocurrency, it has many applications that allow users to create or update information. Many organizations already use this technology to track their data safely and accurately. Businesses also use blockchain to create more effective money transfers.

Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial intelligence simulates human intelligence by enabling a computer to perform tasks that would otherwise need human intervention. Computers utilizing AI technology can mimic how humans think or implement logic while performing specific tasks. An example of AI technology is chat style interfaces, which can answer questions from users in real-time.

Machine Learning

A subset of artificial intelligence is machine learning (ML), allowing computers to ingest more data and perform tasks while continuously learning and improving. Like artificial intelligence, machine learning hones in on patterns in data and algorithms to mimic how humans learn. Systems utilizing machine learning are especially beneficial to users because they constantly evolve, even without explicit programming. The primary goal of machine learning is for computer systems to adjust actions accordingly without human assistance. 

Examples of some of the most common types of machine learning include:

  • Image and speech recognition 
  • Medical diagnosis 
  • Financial services 
  • Extraction 
  • Predictive analysis 
  • Learning associations 

Machine learning can automate repetitive tasks and reduce time spent on one job. As the algorithm becomes error-free, it can make better business forecasts by working in tandem with the technology mentioned earlier. Machine learning can use the data gathered to make predictions on revenue, growth, and inventory.

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