Finance Recruiters Seattle: Why Work With a Recruitment Agency?

Finance Recruiters in Seattle: Seattle might not be the first place considered when people talk of global financial hot spots, but that will change with the next generation of fintech. Seattle is miles away from the country’s largest financial centers, but its history of innovation and collaboration and its rich personality make it perfect for fintech companies.

Finance Recruiters Seattle

The evolving nature of fintech means more companies will qualify for the designation. The industry’s current focus is on innovation in consumer banking technologies, especially with the new generation of consumers who expect seamless technology experiences. The Seattle region’s machine learning and AI talent can be used in fintech startups focusing on specific financial services segments.

The traditional financial infrastructure in Seattle has been creating a steady flow of entrepreneurs to be part of this culture shift. However, big bank employees are now seeking faster growth than in the traditional sector, which means companies in the finance industry will have more trouble recruiting and retaining top talent.

The fast rate of growth and development in the finance and accounting industry has led to increasing demand for financial service professionals. Finding qualified, exceptional candidates to fill open positions will require the help of finance and accounting recruitment agencies. Enlisting the help of a recruiting firm is a strategic move for companies to make because this way, they get to work with someone who’s done the initial legwork. It takes minimal effort to find the best and brightest in the field.

Why should financial firms utilize finance and accounting recruiting agencies for their hiring needs?


Access to Top talent

Recruitment agencies work with employers and top professionals seeking job openings for suitable candidates. They’re the best place to start looking because their strategic position gives them access to the best in the industry. The consultants know the candidates in the market looking for opportunities, their capabilities, salary expectations, and whether or not they’d be a good fit.

All the recruitment agencies need from the employer is the nature of the vacant position and the employer’s criteria for the role, and they can get to work finding the most suitable candidate for that position. The top candidate is often not necessarily in search of a job but could be available if presented with the right offer. Recruiters have wide networks and relationships with these candidates and can easily source them for the employer.


Negotiation of Salaries

One common point of contention between employers and candidates is salary. Organizations want to offer competitive salaries and benefits without spending too much, and candidates often have high salary expectations, especially for top positions in the finance sector.

Recruiters are often expert negotiators and can help employers meet their candidates halfway. First, they help the employer benchmark their salary and benefits package against other companies in the same industry, and then they give valuable insights on current trends.

Skilled recruiters understand that both parties must know the other’s expectations from the get-go for a good chance of sealing the deal. As such, they can quickly negotiate the salary and benefits on behalf of both parties until they come to a mutually acceptable remuneration package. The aim is to create a balance so that the company doesn’t pay too much while still offering quality talent the remuneration required for them to accept the job offer.


Rich Industry Insight

Recruiters spend all their time providing staffing solutions to organizations across a wide range of sectors, including financial services, finance and accounting, technology, and interim management. Their time researching industry trends and shifts gives them expertise and deep job market insight, locally, nationally, and internationally. Employers can take advantage of this rich knowledge when planning their recruitment.

Recruitment consultants are well versed in all issues affecting the job market, including the nature of supply and demand at any given moment. Moreover, they understand candidate expectations vis-à-vis employer needs, meaning they’re perfectly situated to assist employers in making informed decisions that will positively impact their bottom line. Employers who go it alone are more or less flying blind, as opposed to working with a more experienced guide. 


Advertising Roles

When advertising vacancies, employers often receive applications that don’t quite make the cut. While the advertisement may specify the employer’s needs regarding experience and niche skills, the resumes that come in are not of the required caliber. Often, these advertisements don’t hit the mark because of poor marketing. The problem is not the message; the problem is it does not reach the right people.

If the top talent is unaware of a job opportunity, they can’t apply for the position. Recruiters put out advertisements and take it upon themselves to actively seek finance professionals who fit the bill. More than advertising online, the recruitment consultant establishes direct contact with talented people they’ve worked with before and advises them to apply for the role. Sometimes, the professionals aren’t in the market for a job, but the offer could be tempting enough.


Candidate Interview

Employers spend a lot of time and money on interviewing candidates, sometimes to no avail. The benefit of working with recruiters is they can conduct interviews on the employer’s behalf, saving valuable time and money.

Recruitment consultants first provide candidate screening to narrow down the applicants, followed by shortlisting to eliminate the unsuitable matches. The agency could conduct a background check on all the interviewed candidates, so the employer’s HR department won’t have to. The employer will do the final round of interviews, but the recruitment agency could still chip in by advising on the type of questions to ask during the interview.


Ghost Mountain: Your Finance Recruiters in Seattle

Employers shouldn’t hire just any finance and accounting recruitment agency. The best companies only work with recruitment agencies with a proven track record and deep knowledge of the industry and all its trends. This way, they get access to top talent with all the skills and experience required for the job. With less on their plate, employers can focus their time and money on business-critical projects.

Ghost Mountain, one of the reputable finance recruiters in Seattle, is here to make hiring easy. Our years of experience and our team of search specialists enable us to provide quality services to our clients. We are headquartered in Seattle, and our intimate knowledge of the finance industry in the area makes us the ideal partner for all your finance and accounting recruitment. Connect with us today to talk about your staffing or business consultancy needs.

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