Outstanding Nonprofits that Need Partnership to Continue their Good Work

Giving to charitable organizations provides an opportunity for your business to connect to your community, demonstrate your corporate values, build your network, engage in team building, and receive a tax benefit.  When you’re deciding which charities you want to support, choose those that align with your company’s mission and resonate with your client base. 


Do some research into a charity before you donate. You don’t want to get unintentionally embroiled in a controversy when your goal is to help your community. Organizations like Charity Navigator provide information about how charities manage and spend donations. Here are a few outstanding nonprofit organizations that would benefit from your partnership to continue their good work. 


World Central Kitchen

The world-famous chef Jose Andres has become more well-known for feeding people affected by disasters than for his amazing culinary skills. The nonprofit he founded, World Central Kitchen, is quickly on the scene of natural and man-made crises, cooking and providing meals to people in need. World Central Kitchen’s mission goes beyond just keeping hunger pangs at bay. They know that a plate of home-cooked food conveys hope and comfort. 

Instead of shipping in prepackaged food and leaving, World Central Kitchen shows up on-site and cooks meals that reflect the culture of the community they’re serving. They hire locally whenever possible to help start the process of rebuilding the community. World Central Kitchen is leveraging the power of a plate of food to change the world.


Community Matters

Community Matters was founded in 1996 and is dedicated to improving the social-emotional climate of schools and communities. Their evidence-based, proven programs are student-centered and designed to prevent bullying and promote an inclusive environment. Safe School Ambassadors recruits socially-influential students and equips them with skills and tools to defuse and resolve conflicts and support and include isolated students. 

Safe School Buddies is a program for elementary-aged students that promotes kindness and respect for others. This program prepares younger students to set a positive and inclusive example and eventually become Safe School Ambassadors when they enter 4th grade. Community Matters also has numerous other programs aimed at educating students, educators, staff, and families about improving the school climate, reducing bullying, and increasing social and academic success for students. 


Children’s Cardiomyopathy Foundation

The Children’s Cardiomyopathy Foundation is working to find causes and cures for pediatric cardiomyopathy through research, awareness, education, and advocacy. They also support families whose children are affected by the condition. Pediatric cardiomyopathy is a chronic disease that causes the heart muscle to become enlarged and stiff, which affects its ability to pump blood efficiently. It affects children of all genders, ethnicities, and ages, although it’s more common in the first year of life. In over three-fourths of cases, there is no known cause. 

The Children’s Cardiomyopathy Foundation has funded over $1.5 million in research and treatment initiatives. Their programs include: 

  • Promoting research and education
  • Advancing treatment models
  • Providing leadership and advocacy in the pediatric community
  • Offering child and family assistance


Final Thoughts

Partnering with a charity is a win-win for everyone that goes far beyond tax breaks. You can help worthwhile nonprofits accomplish their purpose, support your community, and put your brand values into practice. 

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