Technical Recruiting

 Technical recruiting is a specialized search used to find talent within tech spaces such as IT, software development, engineering, emerging technology and more.  Hiring teams will work with our recruiting team to define and customize their search so that their specific needs can be fully understood and addressed.

Technical Recruiting 


Expertise and Experience

  • Ghost Mountain’s skilled talent acquisition specialists have worked at some of the largest and most recognized tech companies and are ready to bring their expertise to support your search.
  • We have a deep understanding of the technical market and how to attract the best talent to your open role. We find passive talent that isn’t actively looking in the market and match them to your opportunity. We do the sourcing and screening bringing only the talent that matches what you are needing.

Technical Recruiting Role Specialties

  • We keep employer branding at top of mind. Our team is the first person that interacts with your potential hire and we want to make sure that the candidate experience is one that leaves the candidate feeling heard and cared for throughout the process.

Optimized Hiring Process

  • We are deeply experienced with managing the full recruitment cycle from defining the role requirements, outlining the job description, sourcing top talent in the market, screening for technical skills, managing the interview process, to getting the offer accepted.
  • Tech talent moves fast! We will work with you to define a thorough but quick to fill process so that you are seeing the best match for what you need quickly.
  • We leverage our years of experience and working knowledge of the market to identify top talent and screen to match them to your opportunity.
  • We strive to create a transparent process for all parties including conversations around compensation and benefits.
  • We work to understand a candidates needs to then be able to negotiate on your behalf. We are skilled at cooperative negotiation and are consciously working to ensure the best possible experience for your new hire, or in the case of a lack of consensus, a competitor’s new hire, binging with them a sense of collaboration, facilitating synergies, acquisitions and other economies of scale through partnership.


  • Ghost Mountain always strives to provide the best service to our clients.
  • We offer both Retained and Contingent searches.
    • Having a retained search where a deposit is paid for services ensures a more collaborative experience as it forces all parties to be more transparent and the recruiters owe performance.
    • Having a contingent search is an alternative to the retained search without mutual commitment and is often a secondary priority to retained searches.



Technical Recruiting

In conclusion, our recruiting team has the experience and working knowledge of the market to be able to provide a consultative approach to technical recruiting. We deliver screened, qualified, and ready to interview technical talent with a focus on candidate experience and an efficient and effective hiring process in this competitive market.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to secure top technical talent for your organization. Fill out our contact form at the bottom of this page and let Ghost Mountain’s skilled talent acquisition specialists take the lead in your technical recruiting efforts. With our deep understanding of the technical market, expertise in niche skillset areas, and commitment to providing the best service to our clients, we are confident that we can deliver the best candidates for your open roles. Don’t hesitate. Take the first step towards securing your top technical talent today.

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